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Patient Experiences

* PLEASE NOTE: The patient experiences below are strictly for informational purposes only. Bariatric surgery is an option only for those who meet the necessary qualifications. Pacific Bariatric works hard to ensure the longterm success for each of our patients, however indvidual results may vary. We cannot and do not guarantee any specific results in regards to the amount of weight an individual will lose.  




Jaye Leigh’s Gastric Bypass Story

Jaye Leigh is a high school principle and grandmother, with a highly active lifestyle. She has always enjoyed spending time with her family and working her high-energy job, but her excessive weight was wearing her down. Jaye consistently felt tired, her knees hurt, and she never felt like she had enough energy to keep up with her busy schedule. For over forty years, she tried every diet and exercise plan she could find, but none of these programs were effective; so, on her 60th birthday, Jaye decided she wanted a permanent weight loss solution.

At first, Jaye thought she wanted the gastric sleeve procedure, but, after going through Pacific Bariatric’s educational process and speaking with her doctor, she realized that the gastric bypass surgery was the right fit for her. Today, Jaye has lost over 75 pounds and feels better than ever. She is enjoying being able to easily keep up with her demanding job and energetic grandchildren.*


Stephanie Hernandez’s Roux-en-Y Story

Stephanie Hernandez is a working mom and active community member. She loves to spend time socializing with family and friends, as well as hiking and biking all over San Diego. Although Stephanie has always led an active life, she struggled with having excess weight, which was starting to wear on her joints and cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Stephanie tried every weight loss program she could find and initially lost weight with some, but none were able to keep the weight off and many interfered with her energetic lifestyle, so Stephanie turned to Pacific Bariatric for a permanent solution.

After completing our comprehensive educational experience, Stephanie decided that the Roux-en-Y surgery was right for her. Today, Stephanie has lost over 225 pounds and she is completely free of diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. She is now able to enjoy hiking, biking, and spending time with friends and family even more.*